October 10, 2015

Recap: Faking It Season 2 Episodes 12 & 13

            Because of the lack of really important information in the second episode of Season 2b, this is a combined recap for episode two and three.

            Karma’s mom’s new job of making artisanal soap proves that she has no real skills to put on a job resume and that begs the question: How did she get this far in life? Also, no one wants to hear their parents having sex…ever.

            Amy sets Reagan and Karma up to work together, which is an absolutely terrible idea. In what world would your girlfriend and your ex–fake-girlfriend hanging out be a good idea? They end up catering a Squerkle event and go way overboard on the revenge plans when Reagan tries to drug Liam. After a series of unfortunate events that would only happen in this show, Liam’s grandfather drinks the drugged water and Liam is forced to make a presentation where we learn he can’t read. Seetah is still the only wise person out of this group of characters.

            Lauren has turned all stalkery and Amy and Shane go with her to out Theo at the new school he was sent to. They break into a pep rally, Amy dresses up like a pirate and when Lauren can’t say the words out loud in front of everyone, Amy and Shane back her up, telling the new school that Theo is a knark. 

            Liam tells Karma that he knows about Felix because he was outsider her window and no, it’s definitely creepy…not fine because it’s boundaries. What is going through these kids’ minds? Nothing, apparently. Seetah tells Karma that Liam gave up art for her and that grants him an automatic pass? Anyways, this episode turned into Fifty Shades of Gray way too fast. Don’t do this. Please…well it’s happening!

            Karma tells Amy that she needs to tell Reagan that she is not sure if she is definitely gay and Reagan overhears because she pulls a Liam and is creeping outside of Amy’s window.

            On to the next episode!

            I’m not sure the new principal would sign off on school-wide tai chi class but that happened.  Shane basically makes the statement that gay people can’t be monogamous which is entirely false and furthers a bad reputation for gay individuals. A lot of the time this show says the wrong things. Karma is going way too far with this Fifty Shades crap and also, no one should be taking any dating advice from her considering her background. Talking to you, Amy.

            We finally see the inside of Reagan’s apartment where she lives with five roommates that include this very unique individual that barges in on a private conversation. Reagan is way too judgmental about people who are still trying to figure out where they fit in the queer community and Amy kissing her is going to prove absolutely nothing. Also, strange dude, can you stop peeping?

            So a quick thumbs up for Shane’s British cabinet. Shane and Duke decide to have an open relationship because they both think that is what the other one wants because no one in this show actually talks about their feelings. By the end though, it comes out that they only want to be with each other. How cute. Except for the fact that Shane still hasn’t confessed that he is the one who outed Duke.

            Karma and Amy talk about how Amy might not only like girls and yet this show still hasn’t actually used the word “bisexual.” Furthering the bisexual stigma is not what this show should be doing. They should be breaking it down. They’ve had so many chances and it’s getting a bit ridiculous. Karma and Amy talk to the Clemens advisor because that is the school they’ve both wanted to attend forever. So, a little advice when applying to colleges: don’t lie on your college application. But, this is called faking it so I guess that was to be expected. They make the worst possible video to sell themselves to this college but why do they ask Felix? Who is he? He’s no one yet but they act like he’s their best friend. Oh wait, yes, he’s going to be the love interest that the show writers and Karma force onto Amy. Because that worked so well with Oliver. Lauren was also trying to get an in at Clemens who turned out to only be interested in her because she is intersex and would bring diversity to their applicant pool.

            Liam has a tiny little sideline story about thinking the art mentor is his dad when that is just stupid. The art mentor turns out to be using him to get to Squerkle.  Theo is transferred to work at Hester and at first Lauren isn’t welcoming but eventually she forgives him…maybe. Hopefully we’ll find out how that is all going to work out in the next episode.

            Reagan wants Amy to come on tour with her and a band titled, “Pussy Explosion.” Really…really? She gets very upset when Amy is not sure if she should but in what world would Amy’s parents actually let her go on tour with her girlfriend for a summer. Their relationship is still illegal; Reagan needs to chill out. Karma on the other hand doesn’t think Amy should go and she is worried that Amy is giving up herself to keep Reagan . Karma knows that it is Amy’s dream to go to college and in the end Amy comes to that conclusion as well. Reagan, still stuck up on labels and mad that Amy won’t come on the tour, breaks up with her, which is actually terrible. Amy probably shouldn’t date someone like that anyways.

            Quick note that they seem to use the same music every time Karma and Amy have a moment. They are back to cuddling on the bed together and Karma says, “You’re more important.” Finally a Karmy sighting! A Karmy sighting!

            The show seems to be picking up a little more which is promising. Get ready for amateur stakeouts on next week’s episode!

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